America’s Biggest….

America’s Biggest….

Some blogs don’t require a lengthy introduction. This is one. These are the answers to “What is America’s biggest…”

Convention Center

With a combined total of 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space over four buildings, Chicago’s McCormick Place is the nation’s largest convention center. Orange County Convention Center in Orlando is second, with 2.1 million square feet of exhibit space over two buildings.

Shopping Mall

Shopping habits and the pandemic have greatly impacted mall shopping in recent years, but the Mall of America in the Minneapolis, MN area still reigns as king.


It is estimated that the Dallas Cowboys have over 8.5 million people in America who call themselves fans. This makes them the most popular professional sports team in the country. It is also, in part, what makes them so valuable. The New England Patriots are a distant second.


The largest American casino isn’t in Las Vegas or even in Nevada. In terms of gaming tables and gambling machines, it is said that WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma is the biggest. When it comes to square feet, Foxwoods in Connecticut has the honor.


Not including raceways, the largest stadium in the country is at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It has a capacity of 197,601. It is followed by Beaver Stadium at Penn State at 106,572 and Ohio Stadium in Columbus with a capacity of 102,780.

Gas Station

Fuel and convenience store chain Buc-ees is building mega-gas stations so large and expanding so quickly that this could change at any time. For now, the honor is being held at the Buc-ees location in New Braunfels, Texas. The location is over 66,000 square feet and has the world’s largest car wash.

Ferris Wheel

The tallest Ferris Wheel or Observation Wheel in the United States is in Las Vegas. The “High Roller” is owned by Caesars Entertainment and is located at the LINQ Hotel Resort and Casino. It places riders over 50 stories in the air at its peak.

McDonalds Restaurant

Located near the International Drive tourist district, the country’s largest McDonald’s is a multi-level marvel that is 19,000 square feet. Here you’ll find video games and amusements, along with a menu you won’t find at your neighborhood Mickey D’s. Burger lovers headed to Orlando can also discover the World’s Largest White Castle, at nearly 5,000 square feet. Bon Appetit.

While one could argue whether bigger is better, few would disagree with the fact that more options are better than fewer options. That’s what you get when you insure through our independent insurance company… more choices. You see, as opposed to captive agents that can only offer the products of the company they represent, we work with a network of insurance companies who compete for your business. This means we do the shopping for you! For auto, home, life, and business insurance, compare. Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.

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