Six Assumptions About Auto Insurance That Could Be Costing You $$$

Six Assumptions About Auto Insurance That Could Be Costing You $$$

Would you save money on your automobile insurance if you had the power to do so? Most people would say yes. But we often make assumptions about our coverage that may actually be costing us money. Here are six of them.

  1. All Auto Insurance Companies are the Same

This couldn’t be further from the truth. While insurance companies must operate within certain regulations, they are competitive in nature and provide varying degrees of customer service. Some spend extensively on advertising and some spend little. It pays to compare.

  1. Insurance Premiums Are Close to if Not the Same

Automobile insurance companies use some common factors when pricing their insurance policies but they also use their own loss experience in setting pricing. This can make significant differences in the rates you may pay from company to company.

  1. All I Need is State Minimum Coverage

States mandate minimum automobile coverage but it is important to remember that these coverage levels are legal minimums, not logical minimums. Your financial position can dictate you carry larger amounts. Uninsured motorist insurance often isn’t mandated but most legal professionals will agree, it can be a good idea. Assuming you just need “the minimum” may cost you in the long run.

  1. There’s no Easy Way to Compare Insurance Rates from Different Companies

If you think you have to call multiple insurance companies or fill out detailed online forms to get quotes for automobile insurance from multiple companies, you could be making a costly assumption. A call to an independent insurance agent will put them to work comparing the prices of multiple companies for you. You can quickly get multiple quotes from several companies when you call one of our independent agents.

  1. I Need High Risk Insurance So I am Resigned to Paying More

While it is true that non-standard or high risk insurance will likely cost more than standard auto insurance, it still pays to compare. Like standard insurance, high risk insurance can be priced differently between providers so it pays to compare.

  1. All Insurance Agents Can Compare Rates

There are what are called “Captive Agents” who only represent the offerings of a single brand of insurance. This limits what they can quote you and limits your choices. An independent insurance agent has no such restrictions.

Don’t let assumptions about auto insurance cost you money. Contact one of our independent insurance agents to get a quote today.

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